Charlotte & Andy

Saturday 14th August 2021

Lottie went above and beyond to help make our wedding magical. She was so reliable and helpful with every aspect in coordinating our big day, I would recommend her services without a doubt. Lottie made sure throughout the whole process that she was clear in her communication and detail, making sure she knew exactly what we wanted. If there were any issues, Lottie would always try and troubleshoot them for you, so you didn't have to worry and she would always read all of the wedding contracts and documents in lots of detail, to ensure we were getting what was outlined. Lottie then produced a wedding book, which then just pulled all of the suppliers together and created a clear timetable of what was going to happen on the day, to ensure that everything ran smoothly. She was also brilliant at getting in touch with the suppliers to check they all knew their roles and what was happening.


Lottie also visited the venue with me, so we could discuss plans and if I said I think a magician would be good, she would email me with details to help bring my vision to life. I honestly cannot praise Lottie's services enough and she really made my wedding so magical and special, I think every wedding needs a Lottie. She rang me the night before to check that everything was going according to plan and on the day, she was fundamental in setting everyone up and making sure the timings went to plan. My husband and I cannot thank or praise Lottie enough, she made our day so magical and special

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